Where You Should Be

Located between Pune & Mumbai, Atmatrupti in Uddhar, is an Eco-farm and open community centre for recreation. Atma means Self and Trupti meaning Content, aims at promoting Eco-Tourism. Open surroundings, Organic farming, Permaculture, fresh home made food and occasional workshops is what we render. People from all over can come, get indulged in the activities, thereby discover their own peace and joy.

Activities For Everyone To Enjoy

Nature Thrills

Lets begin our intimacy with nature by exploring the land, the fields, the mountains, the river nearby. You can take a nature walk with us or go Swimming, Trekking and Bird watching. A close by Waterfall awaits your laughter. When it comes to nature, there's a lot more isn't it?!?

for body & mind

Our open and quite fields offer a great scope for Yoga & Meditation camps. We also provide a hall specially designed for Yoga. You can also bring in your sport and get entertained.

other scopes of activities

We welcome your plans of workshops and meetings. We can host personal or official seminars. We do conduct various workshops, you can be a part of it. You can also organize Yoga or any other social or cultural camps here.


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